security and privacy

We're committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information which we obtain from you when you visit the cahoot website and when you use your cahoot account. Our aim is to safeguard the security and privacy of your personal information whilst providing you with a personalised service that keeps you up-to-date with products and services which meet your preferences and needs. By using the cahoot website, you agree to the collection and use of such information in accordance with the following Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement.

For information on what we're doing to keep your money safe and what you can do to help see our online banking commitment


We use appropriate technical security measures to protect your personal information and make sure that it isn't accessed by unauthorised persons. Information storage is on secure computers in a locked information centre and information is encrypted wherever possible. Our security procedures also provide that we may request proof of identification before we will release personal information to you. We undergo periodic reviews of our security policies and procedures to ensure that cahoot systems are secure and protected.

fraud monitoring

We're here to give you peace of mind with your finances. That includes when you're spending your money.

We monitor your account and raise the alarm if we spot any suspicious transactions. Suspicious behaviour can include logging onto online banking from a different device or IP address, or making high value transactions which are not chip and PIN.

If we see any suspicious account activity our anti-fraud automated call service will call you asking you to confirm the transactions. If you don't recognise the transaction(s), you'll be put straight through to one of our team.

If we can't get in touch with you, we'll leave a message, or send you a text message to let you know we're trying to contact you, and to ask you to contact us as soon as you can.

This really does†help to†stop fraud in its tracks. That's why we're not the only bank that uses this service. Plus, the automated system is much quicker than ones which use customer service agents.

Please note: to protect your money, some suspicious transactions may be declined or referred until we can contact you.

the system will never ask you to reveal your security number, passwords, card expiry date or card security number

Some scams involve fraudsters who attempt to convince you to make transactions yourself. These transactions are harder for us to spot as suspicious as they often involve you using your PIN, verifying your security details, or using your normal device. If you've any suspicions over the legitimacy of a request please call us immediately on 0844 9000 900* before you make any payments. *Call charges apply

what does 'this page contains both secure and non-secure items' message mean?

This message occurs when your secure banking webpage (the security is indicated by the https:// before the web address) has a non-secure element in it, such as a picture. You should click 'yes' to view the page. Your financial details with cahoot are completely secure and in no way compromised.

cahoot will never send you an email asking you to enter, reconfirm or change your security details or other personal information. As an additional security measure every customer email sent to you by cahoot will be addressed to you personally. If you receive an email claiming to be from us that you are suspicious about, please forward it to If you believe that that you may have disclosed your details in any way, please call us immediately on 0844 9000 900*.

Calls may be recorded or monitored. *Call charges apply

don't be a victim of phone fraud

Telephone scams - where fraudsters pretending to be banks, building societies or the police - try to get people to reveal their financial information, are on the rise. We'll never ask you for information such as your 4-digit card PIN or to withdraw or transfer money to a new account. To learn more about what we'll never request on the phone, take a look at the joint declaration published by UK banks and the police on the fraud action website

stay aware of common threats

More than ever banks are seeing an increase in incidents where criminals are using ingenious ways of persuading customers to part with their personal details, their credit and debit cards and ultimately their money.

Prevention through awareness is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of a scam. If you think you've responded to a scam email or given your details to the wrong people, call us immediately on 0844 9000 900. *Call charges apply

strengthen your defences against online identity theft

Online fraudsters are using more sophisticated methods to commit online fraud. They use hard to detect techniques to steal your online identity, when you bank online. They do this without you even being aware that it's happened.

While it's important to have anti-virus software and firewalls installed on your computer, they can't always protect you from these attacks, as fraudsters are developing more sophisticated ways of stealing your online identity.

Rapport security software

We strongly recommend you download the free Rapport security software to help guard yourself against internet banking identity theft and fraud. It can be used alongside your existing anti-virus and firewall protection to strengthen your defences.

Rapport has been developed by the financial security experts at Trusteer and has been described as 'a major boost in fraud prevention' and 'Best of the Web' by the Online Banking Report.

Download now

how Rapport works

Rapport strengthens your online security by 'locking down' the connection between your computer, keyboard and cahoot internet banking. It helps stop your data going to counterfeit sites, so you can be safe in the knowledge that nobody else can view your account, or make transactions in it.

Anti-virus software helps to stop threats by scanning your computer and looking for suspicious files, whereas firewalls hide your computer from attackers, and help stop criminals getting data in and out of your computer.

Rapport doesn't replace the benefits of anti-virus and firewall software or your unique image and phrase when accessing our internet banking - it works alongside them to provide increased protection when transacting online.

why choose Rapport?

using Rapport

To download Rapport simply click the download link above and follow the onscreen instructions. The software is specially configured and ready to use with cahoot internet banking.

You should download it to each computer you use for online banking to ensure that you're protected at all times. If you want to download Rapport to a work computer, check with your employer as some don't allow downloads.

When you download Rapport, you'll never be asked to provide any of your personal details.

Look out for the Rapport icon which appears next to your browser's address bar.

If the icon is green, youíre protected and your information is safe:

If the icon is grey, then Rapport is not safeguarding your information:

If you need help once youíve downloaded Rapport you can email

which browsers and operating systems are supported by Rapport?

Details of supported browsers and systems can be found on the Trusteer website


What information do we obtain about you online and what do we use it for?

  1. what are cookies and why are they essential to the cahoot website?

    Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or other device when you access the internet. This website, along with most other major websites, uses cookies. Without cookies enabled we can't guarantee that the website and your experience whilst visiting are as we intended it to be.

    Learn more about how we use cookies

  2. application information

    To apply for a cahoot account or any other product or service featured on our website, you'll be asked to provide certain relevant personal information which we need to process your application request. We'll use your information to confirm your identity and maintain your account.

  3. account information

    From time to time we may review the use of your account including any transactions you make, to enable us to provide the best possible terms and service.

  4. credit reference agencies

    In accordance with standard banking practice, if you apply to open an account or increase any credit limit, we may ask a credit reference agency for a credit reference about you to help us understand your financial history.

who do we disclose your information to?

  1. credit reference agencies

    If you apply for a credit account (e.g. bank account, credit card, unsecured loan, or mortgage), we'll provide certain information about you to a credit reference agency to carry out a credit assessment. If you open a credit account, we'll provide regular details about your use of the account to the credit reference agency. Information held by credit reference agencies is available to other businesses to cross-check to prevent fraud and money laundering, trace debtors and assess credit applications.

  2. business partners

    cahoot does not sell, rent or trade your personal information to others. However, cahoot may share your information with other companies in the Santander Group and its business partners including service providers and agents who provide us with services to enable us to operate the cahoot website and the cahoot account. We'll make sure that such agents will use your information in line with our instructions and strict policies on confidentiality.

joint applications

Where you and another person want to open a joint account, each one of you needs to submit your own application details to us so that we know each of you has agreed to your details being used in accordance with our policy.


From time to time, we may need to transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area (for example where it's necessary to operate your account or provide information to a cahoot business partner). When we do we'll take reasonable steps to make sure that your personal data receives similar protections as those within the European Economic Area.

Our data protection statement relates to the information you give in the online application form and to any other information which you provide to cahoot or which it holds on you whether or not you become a customer.

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